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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The 1978 YZ 125E 2K6 has a pipe all on its own, The silencer is the same as a 125d.

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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Paint preperation cylinder and head

Ok here is one of those time consuming jobs that must be wright. After making sure the bore is within clearance's and all gasket surfaces are A1, then the paint stripper can go on.
The best and fastest way for these is to paint strip them and clean up with hot water pressure washer.
Once the desired finish is achieved with the stripper, then you can bead blast. After bead blasting make sure a washing in grease remover is applied we use a paint brush for application and then blow dry with compressed air.
Bring all parts up to temperature with drying lights. Apply paint directly to the cylinder no primmer Acrylic lacquer and two pack both will do. We are using a semi gloss 2 pak.
Apply 4 coats or until covered.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Assembly under way.

Point of interest the swing arm on these models are finished in a MAT silver metallic. Form factory there was no primmer as usual all component manufactures seem to use a two pack etch primmer as there finished coat,why you may ask CHEAP thats why.

There are a few chain rollers on this model 5 in total. The plastic mud guard on 2k6 is different to that of YZ D 1W1 they are similar and can be retro fitted.

NOS Parts fitted,
All chain rollers.
All swing arm bearings.
All seals on swing arm.
Pivot Bolt nut and washer.
Mud deflector and CDI holder.
CDI Box.
Handle Bars
Spark plug cap

Monday, December 17, 2007

Rim identifaction Rear YZ 125 / 2k6

The rear rim information as follows these rims are from the same bike, yet they have different production dates the rear rim 12 77 meaning December 1977 and the front is October 1977. Has the rear rim been replaced who knows.
I have seen this discrepancy before on a number of occasion.
The funny part is you buy a new bike in 1978 with 1977 parts on it.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Rim identifaction Front YZ 125 / 2k6

This YZ 125 is all genuine and here is what the rims tell me. If any one can add to what i have learned it would be appreciated. Front rim 1.60x21. Take note of the rim on the right the manufacture date is there, 10 77 meaning October 1977. All YZ E rims have these marking on the side wall of the rim previous models 125 C,X,D are on the inner bead edge. As for the rim on the left i have no idea what 96 2008 07--
means if any one can help please let me know.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Part Required

1. Fork Tubes no
2. Reed Block no
Front rim no
4. Rear rim no
5. Swing arm bolt NOS Located
6. Shock bolt swing arm end NOS Located
7. Piston and rings NOS Located
8. Side stand and spring NOS Located
9. Seat NOS Located
10. Air cleaner cover no
11. Levers clutch and brake no
12. Carb clamps no
13. Fork boots NOS Located
14.Wing nut for brake rod NOS LOCATED
15. Muffler NOS Located
16. Cable guides x 2 no
1W1-26341-01-00WIRE, BRAKE FRONT no
18. 90460-77016-00 CLAMP no
19.1W1-14457-01-00 SEAL no
Exhaust 2K6 NOS Located

Friday, December 14, 2007

Thursday, December 13, 2007

2K6 YZ 125 E

Here is a great unrestored example of a 1978 YZ 125E 29 years on and still on original bore. Almost 100% original.This will be a simple restoration in comparison to others we have done. Alloy rims seem to be the most difficult part of all restoration if you are using original DID rims with a clear bright anodizing.
The YZ E has markings on the side of the rims on these models.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Genuine LH decal YZ 125 E.

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Above is a genuine Yamaha part purchased in 1978 for a YZ125E.
All the replacement decals I have seen are not the same as the genuine part.
I will give the measurements for the one I have.
* Length 350mm
* Height 67.5mm
* Black line thickness Top 7.5mm
* Black line bottom edge 7.5mm
I have found that the spacing between the red squares is also incorrect.
Also the cutting is incorrect the front edge is not angled on the after market decal and the rear edge is not rounded on the top and bottom as it should be.
If you study the decal I have here and the bike shown they are different.
I think the bike shown has an after market set.

Monday, August 14, 2006

YZ 125 E 2K6

Yamaha 1978 yz 125e Serial number Prefix 2k6
I will attempt to detail differances between YZ 125D and the YZ125E.
We will add as much detail as posable.

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Note gold rims not on 125 E as shown should be silver.
For Australian version should have YAMAHA on seat both sides and on the rear.
Rear sprocket incorrect to standard.
Note counter sharft sprocket cover missing.
125 Decal missing on side cover.